Good People,
I would highly recommend Natalie, at Blissful Massage, to friends and family. In fact, I recently bought gift certificates for my Mom to visit Natalie for her Mother's Day present and one for my husband for his birthday.  Natalie is an attentive and intuitive massage therapist. She is knowledgeable and well-informed about the  newest therapies and techniques in her field. Most of all she has that "it" factor when it comes to massage, something that can't be taught at all!        
-A. Ragan

From Google: Rated 5.0 out of 5.0
Sooooo relaxing!
The best massages I ever received. Lovely decorated and welcoming private studio close to downtown. Natalie uses wonderful exclusive aromatherapeutic products. Even during my pregnancy I could continue to visit her as she works with many pillows to keep me comfortable. Sooooo relaxing! I love it!!‎

From Facebook:

EXCELLENT!! About 4 months ago I had a traumatic injury to my right jaw. I have never had TMJ issues before--not even a click. But ever since, my jaw has been very tight and clicking.
I went to Natalie last Saturday and she did work on my cranial bones and jaw. It was very VERY light (almost felt like nothing was happening, honestly).
The next day, there were no clicks or tightness at all. It's amazing! I feel back to normal again.
Natalie, you are AMAZING!! Thank you.

-M. Afshar

I highly recommend Blissful Massage to any cyclist for all your aches and pains – Natalie has the magic touch!  I have never felt more relaxed, especially when every part of my body feels like it has been beat to death after long rides.  Having visited several massage therapists in the Upstate I can honestly say Natalie knows how to treat the cyclists’ needs.  She is extremely professional and patient and listens to what my issues are – if I have more pain in my back, neck, quads, etc. then she will focus on those problem areas.  Blissful is exactly how you will feel after spending an hour with Natalie! 

From Google:  Rated 5.0 out of 5.0
Just a great massage‎ 
Super friendly, thorough, and talented. I've had two great experiences there. Both were very relaxing, but both times she did a great job relieving tension and muscle tightness without beating me up. I even fell asleep the first time. I would highly recommend a visit.    

By far the best massage I've received, Natalie is warm and caring and made this mom-to-be feel amazing! -R.S.

From Facebook:

By far the best massage I've received, Natalie is warm and caring and made this mom-to-be feel amazing!

-R. Stewart

I saw Natalie twice when I was pregnant. I left her office feeling the best I felt for the whole 9 months, and I was more comfortable with her than any other massage therapist I've seen before. I'm hoping to get in to see her once more before I move away.

-L. Barton

Chair Massage Testimonials

Natalie is a pleasure to work with. She responds to e-mail inquiries promptly and always arrives in plenty of time to set up to be ready to proceed with her “blissful” massages. The atmosphere she creates with what she has to work with is aromatic, calm and serene. She never neglects to ask about any issues or areas that you are concerned about and concentrates her massage efforts there. I would highly recommend her for any company or personal event.
-D.B. of Benefitfocus in Greenville, SC

After sitting hunched over my keyboard for over 14 hours working on an important project, there was a knot in my back muscle that felt like an embedded bullet. Fortunately Natalie came the next day and her 15 minute massage loosened the knot so much it was gone the following day.
Thanks Natalie!
-Brian L. Senior Software Engineer