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Modalities & Rates

Therapeutic Massage in Greenville, SC

Therapeutic Massage

blends together traditional Swedish massage techniques (kneading, gliding, compression, tapping, and vibration), heated towels, aromatherapy, therapeutic stretching, and other modalities (listed below) all tailored to address your specific needs at the time.  The pressure used depends upon your preferences & your body's response, and ranges from light to very deep. The elbow is utilized when necessary!

30 minutes   $55 

60 minutes   $85

90 minutes   $115

Hot Stone Massage in Greenville SC

Therapeutic Massage with Hot Stones

60 minutes $100

90 minutes $130  

Melt away built up tension! Increase the effectiveness of massage without necessarily needing increased pressure for the same results. Natalie's style is to keep the stones moving across the skin or as a tool for acupressure.
***A Hot Stone Massage can be a wonderful gift, but may not be for everyone on your list. This kind of therapy is wonderful for detoxifying the body, as the heat deeply penetrates muscles and forces metabolic and cellular waste into the lymphatic system. Most people's bodies can tolerate this extra amount of circulation by drinking extra fluids, yet some can not. People with these conditions may need to seek approval from their Doctor prior to scheduling a full Hot Stone Massage session:

  • Advanced Diabetes
  • Uncontrolled Hypertension
  • Neuropathy
  • Recent Injury - when your body is inflamed, avoid any kind of massage for at least 24-72 hours
  • Gout
  • Edema
  • Renal Diseases OR Rheumatoid Arthritis - select a regular massage, because the extra heat can put too much of a load on the kidneys
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Pregnancy (although warm stones are a possibility, most mamas run hot already and don't even want to think about heat!)

Massage for Childbearing Women

Prenatal Massage

AKA Pregnancy Massage: a way to ease the mother-to-be’s aches, pains, and edema during the child-bearing months. This is performed in a side-lying position with lots of pillows that create a fluffy cloud of comfort. When she is over 34 weeks or so, 90 minutes is ideal for extra stretches and techniques due to the added pressure she's experiencing.  FYI, it is a myth that massage during the first trimester of pregnancy will induce a miscarriage - read more.

30 minutes   $55

60 minutes   $85

90 minutes   $115

Postnatal Massage

Best performed immediately following childbirth and through the week thereafter, provided that the birth went smoothly. If any surgery including C-Section took place, follow the orders of your doctor and perhaps receive this after 6 weeks. This massage is so wonderful and extremely appreciated by Mom, who is transitioning into caring for a beautiful new child (or children for that matter). The responsibility of breastfeeding can particularly aggravate mom's neck, shoulder and back muscles. Also, we will focus on the abdomen to assist the internal organs' proper placement.

Home Visit within 10 miles of office:    

60 minutes $115  90 minutes $145
Home Visit further than 15 miles of office, call for a quote and availability.

In Office (preferably with a chauffeur): 

60 minutes  $85

90 minutes $115  

Reflexology and foot massage in Greenville SC

Integrative Reflexology

Generally performed on the feet, reflexology can also include hands and ears to stimulate reflex points of the entire body. This particular method combines whole hand massage techniques & foot and toe stretches with a hydrating plant-derived massage cream & aromatic oils for a deep relaxation response. 60 minute session may include a foot soak and sugar scrub prior to the bodywork.  Learn more about how it works

30 minutes $55

45 minutes $70

60 minutes $85

Massage for Couples Class in Greenville SC learn basic massage techniques

Massage for Couples Class

A fantastic opportunity to increase your knowledge of the
"dos and don'ts" of bodywork in a private, clothed session.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Contraindications: health-related reasons to avoid massage
  • How to setup a relaxing environment
  • Proper body mechanics: how to give proper pressure without just using hand strength
  • Techniques for the most common areas of complaint (neck/shoulders, lower back, & feet) via a hands-on demonstration followed by time for each partner to practice briefly before moving on to the next topic

Please note: As everyone will remain clothed for the duration of the class, please wear loose-fitting clothing so we can easily access the neck/shoulders, lower back and feet. T-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, sweat pants, yoga pants, sport shorts are appropriate. All cotton or cotton/lycra blends are most appropriate. Please avoid slick materials such as nylons & certain dry-fit clothing as working through these materials may impede proper contact & pressure application.

You'll receive a handout to bring home for review. Anyone who participates in these classes needs to review & fill out an Office Policy as well as the Client Intake Form, as per usual client procedure.

Follow-up sessions can be arranged as review, if desired.

Price for ~75 minutes: $100

Mobile chair massage in Greenville SC

Mobile Chair Massage

AKA Corporate or Office Massage: a wonderful addition to any festive or corporate event. Clients remain fully clothed and seated in a massage chair, typically for 15 or 20 minutes. Massage on the neck and shoulders is a sure way to reduce job stress and boost morale at the office! There is a two-hour minimum and prices begin at $85/hour with potential travel fees if over 10 miles from Natalie's office. Multiple therapists can be coordinated, so please call/email for a more accurate quote.