Relaxation is the key to joyous living. Show them you care with the gift of bodywork!

Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Certificates for massage therapy, prenatal, CranioSacral with Blissful Massage in Greenville SC


Gift Certificates expire 6 months from date of purchase for all except prenatal/postpartum gifts which expire in 12 months. Fees may apply for redemption after expiration.

Non refundable, but fully transferable

If your recipient doesn't want their gift, they can regift with no penalty.


Normal cancellation rules apply. If a client schedules their first appointment but cancels within 4 hours or doesn't show up ("no show") their gift certificate will be considered redeemed. Good rule of thumb is to respond to the 24 hour reminder text/email if you need to reschedule.

Purchase via the Square Market

Click this button and you'll be lead to the Square Market to complete your transaction. There you'll have choices between types of bodywork, dollar amounts or Massage for Couples Class. After you finalize payment, Natalie will respond within 12 hours with either an emailed PDF from or a confirmation via Square Market about your snail mailing. You may also call to arrange a pickup.

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